Never ending distractions

A fluffy black, gray and white Cloud stretches, leans and pounces.

Twenty-eight small but sharp points attack. Made out of long strips of alternating blue and white strips, the twists and turns make the perfect target. It doesn’t make much of a fight though. The victim simply lays on the ground lifeless, gladly accepting its fate as it serves as a distraction for the next five minutes. Despite being bitten and slobbered on, it remains intact.

Worn out from traveling place to place and discolored from being under the sun for years, the next victim doesn’t stand a chance either. The usual six-and-a-half-sized protector of dangers from the outside is currently being thrown about in many different directions. A thud sound of an object hitting the ground, along with silent growls, persists for a couple of minutes.

For a two-month old puppy, a shoe and rope toy isn’t enough to satisfy the constant need to play. The pure breed husky named Cloud looks for her next thing to play with.

She suddenly decides that she’s dying of thirst. To describe her drinking water as sipping would be an understatement. She gulps down the clear liquid gold, otherwise known as water, as if she were stranded on a desert and hadn’t had water for days.

Her dramatic demeanor transfers over to the identical silver bowl that holds her food. It’s almost like she’s running late for work and needs to scarf down her meal before an eight-hour shift.

With barely enough time to chew, half of her plate is gone in a matter of seconds. What didn’t make it in her mouth ended up on the ground. However, like everything else surrounding her, she turns her dinner into a game. Barks and shuffling ensue as she scoots her leftovers around with her nose.

Play time doesn’t last long though. The only thing that consumes her time is her hour long nap.

Quiet and peace follow as soon as her gray eyes filled with color are closed for the day.

Cloud, a two month old husky, lays on the ground for a nap after a long day of playing.



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