Bean Matthews color coded Squishmallow collection. Photo courtesy of Matthews.

Over the years, certain items have become popular to collect and trade. From Disney pins to Funko Pops, each character is a must-have for fans of different shows or movies.

A new trend that has become popular among people to collect on social media are Squishmallows.

Created in 2017 by Kelly Toys, Squishmallows are stuffed animals that come in many different shapes and sizes. With more than 800 designs, each Squishmallow is unique to collect because of the stories and names that come with each one.

At prices as low as $2.99 to $60, people of all ages can buy Squishmallows ranging in sizes of 3.5 to 24 inches.

Obsessing over stuffed animals hadn’t been unheard of when people were crazing over Beanie Babies in the ’90s. People learned their lesson when Beanie Babies lost their monetary value and years…

Illustrator and printmaker Eva Stalinski wears a custom three piece suit that she designed in collaboration with the brand ARKET. Photo credit: Eva Stalinski

Pop music from the overhead speaker plays as people come in and out of the store. Signs advertise a buy-one-get-one-free sale going on until Friday. Five people impatiently wait in line, as a cashier jabbers on about how they can get a discount if they sign up for the store’s reward card. Display shelves and racks full of similar looking shirts, sweaters, dresses and pants fill the room.

This describes the typical experience of shopping for clothes at the mall.

However, what if the item was made and sent by the person who designed it?

TikTok allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to promote their products and services with ease

Screenshot of the #smallbusiness hashtag on video based platform TikTok

Shades of pinks, reds and greens are slowly painted on by a brush. What was once a blank canvas has turned into a unique piece of art, except this canvas is making direct eye contact. Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” plays in the background as more than 13.8 million people watch TikTok creator @mirandamolds sculpt clay into a triangle with plump lips, bulging green eyes and fake eyelashes. A piece of watermelon stares back.

TikTok video shows user mirandamolds creating a watermelon sculpture out of clay.

At the same time, another 6.2 million people watch as different scenes from Disney’s Cinderella…

A familiar banner to CSUN baseball fans stretches across the back of the bleachers at Matador field in Northridge, Calif., on March 13, 2021. Photo by Reyna Torres.

Story by Reyna Torres, Andre Lopez, Clarissa Corral, Kobe Siy, and Angelica Lopez

The CSUN Matadors’ baseball field and bleachers have been empty since the beginning of the pandemic.

But now, it’s March 13, 2021 and the field is back in action.

The Matadors are out on the field warming up for their first scrimmage against opponent team Concordia. Excitement was seen throughout the morning as they prepared for the game while getting pumped up to some tunes.

A fluffy black, gray and white Cloud stretches, leans and pounces.

Twenty-eight small but sharp points attack. Made out of long strips of alternating blue and white strips, the twists and turns make the perfect target. It doesn’t make much of a fight though. The victim simply lays on the ground lifeless, gladly accepting its fate as it serves as a distraction for the next five minutes. Despite being bitten and slobbered on, it remains intact.

Worn out from traveling place to place and discolored from being under the sun for years, the next victim doesn’t stand a chance either…

It was under a bridge in Los Angeles where two worlds collided, where trendy meets punk. On one side there’s the kids who are dressed well and “dripped out,” and then there are those whose hair is in spikes and chains are considered an accessory.

Given any other circumstances this wouldn’t be a common meeting ground, however, all makes sense when given context. Two hundred kids are there to see punk influenced rapper Nascar Aloe.

It was also there where Dylan Keith remembers taking one of his favorite photos at a concert.

He was just enjoying himself in the crowd…

I wish my life could be summarized into an interesting lede, one that would keep people reading. However, I’m still trying to find what my story is about.

I never knew what I wanted to do in life up until high school. It was my freshman year at Canoga Park High School when I joined an introductory photography class and discovered that photography was something that I might be interested in doing.

My sister and I. Yes, we’re twins and no, even I can’t tell us apart.

My photography teacher became almost like a mentor to me. I got firsthand experience photographing school events, such as prom, homecoming and the high school’s 100th anniversary.


Angelica Lopez

CSUN Journalism major

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